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MLB Bullets Is Promising To "Come To Play"

The Astros could be historically bad, but they're on the right track. The Mets won't be that bad, but they're willing to gamble on their future. The Los Angeles Times looks at the newest Angel and the Royals' new slogan isn't inspiring anyone.

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Behind my house there is a baseball diamond for the local high school. Twice this week, the lights have been on and kids have been playing baseball. It's a beautiful sight. Oh,and you're not done with Jim Hendry and Gary Hughes stories. Sorry.

The Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling Team is ranked #2 in the nation. Looks like an off year.

Since they found the bones of Richard III, take a trip back to 1978 and listen to Rich Kids sing "Ghosts Of Princes In Towers."

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, because I'm hoping my daughter will be over her cold by then, Buster.

(I would so much rather have a cold myself than my daughter. Much less aggravating.)