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Want To Design Wrigley Field's 100th-Anniversary Logo?

The Cubs are holding a design contest. You could win. Here's the details.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Wrigley Field turns 100 years old next year. Its first two seasons were as host to the Federal League's Chicago Whales, before that league folded and some of its owners were allowed to buy other teams... which is how Whales owner Charlie Weeghman became Cubs owner and moved them into his park at Clark & Addison.

So, the Cubs will get to celebrate two 100th anniversaries, one for the ballpark in 2014, the other for the Cubs' 100th anniversary there in 2016.

The team is sponsoring a contest to design a logo for the 2014 anniversary. The Cubs say the official logo could be featured at the ballpark, on merchandise and memorabilia, and possibly even on the team's uniforms next year.

"Millions of fans have enjoyed historic moments at Wrigley Field for almost a century, including Chicago Cubs and Bears games, college football, hockey, ski jumps, concerts and more," said Alison Miller, senior director, Marketing. "The ‘Wrigley Field Turns 1OO Logo Contest’ gives our fans throughout the country a chance to commemorate these special memories, whether they’re a 13-year-old student or a professional graphic designer. We’re excited to see our fans’ creativity and look forward to showcasing the winning design throughout the 2O14 season."

If you're interested in entering this contest, the entry form and rules are here. The deadline for submitting your design is February 28.