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Cub Tracks Feels the Sting

Injury bug bites continue to be a thing, a new Cub outfielder feels the pain of a division rival, and I would feel more comfortable if all these snakes were on a (insert your own descriptor) plane.

I'm reasonably sure he was born with a 5 o'clock shadow.
I'm reasonably sure he was born with a 5 o'clock shadow.
Jamie Squire

The charismatic and photogenic manager of the Cubs is at the forefront in this weekend version of Cub Tracks. He's the man, talks about pitching, and says ciao to some money.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • Dale Sveum says Mariano Rivera has left a lasting impression on him.
  • Scott Baker is fighting to get back.
  • (Unrelated Video) Italy's big win over Mexico was a boon for Anthony Rizzo's charity, thanks to the Cub manager losing a bet.
  • (Video) The Cubs see Dale Sveum as the right man for the job. I would hope they would relieve a manager of his duties if they felt otherwise.
  • (Video only) Carlos Marmol feels great so far. Perhaps Al can give us a first-hand report on whether the Cub closer is in the best shape of his life.
  • (Video only) Scott Baker would help solidify the Cub rotation.

From Cubs Den


  • Hot shot prospects Javier Baez and Jorge Soler are making an impression in camp. The impressive part to me? We keep hearing that.
  • Speaking of Baez, he is in camp to give him a taste of big league life. While he has made an impression, he's also run into some adversity. Which is good, by the way.
  • Despite basically being told he will be dealt, Carlos Marmol can't worry about trade rumors.
  • Cub management is keeping hope alive, despite low expectations. I'm pretty sure this is from the Houston Astros' beat writer, based on the hat.
  • (Video only) In the interest of giving all the players a little attention, I present this interview with non-roster invitee Brad Nelson. It is probably worth keeping in mind that Nelson would be a candidate for regular playing time if Anthony Rizzo were to spend any length of time on the DL.


From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)
  • The Cubs are looking to make Wrigley Field more kid friendly. The possibilities include a mascot. Say it ain't so.

From the Chicago Sun-Times (can read a paragraph, register to read the rest)

From the Daily Herald (registry required for all)

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