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Is Cub Tracks On The Bubble?

It's Selection Sunday for college basketball, where several teams that will be most irrelevant clamor for the last couple of spots in the Big Dance. So Cub Tracks wonders who is on the bubble for the Cubs, how another bracketed event impacts the team's fortunes, the MLB draft version of filling out your pool, and of course some prospect updates on players who hope to make the Cubs a Final Four quality team.

Perfect nickname.
Perfect nickname.
Chris Chambers

I didn't forget it is St. Patrick's Day - I just don't care. I'll have too many drinks at my own convenience, thank you very much. Here's your obligatory look at turning the Chicago River green.

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From Cubs Den

  • The final minor league preview looks at the arms likely bound for the Triple-A affiliate in Iowa.
  • Most of you know I don't post game previews or recaps, but this one included some comments from the Cubs' hitting coach about Jorge Soler (and some other small nuggets).
  • In the first of, presumably, many, we get a mock draft. This one goes from pick number one all the way to the Cubs second round selection. This mock has Mark Appel as the team's first selection and LSU pitcher Ryan Eades in the second round. Neat idea, but too many clicks. I know you're looking for hits, guys, but 41 clicks is a lot.
  • This is a game preview, but it includes some prospect nuggets and video of Dan Vogelbach and Reggie Golden.
  • Cub notes including video of Baez' walk-off and some observations on possible draft picks, including a great pitcher's duel on Friday night.


  • Wrigleyville West should be a gem in the desert.
  • (Video) You can hear from Tom Ricketts and Crane Kenney on that subject, too.
  • Hisanori Takahashi is aiming for a spot in the bullpen.
  • Brett Jackson has cooled off after a blistering start, but Brett Jackson is getting positive feedback on his new swing.
  • (Video only) Darwin Barney is comfortable in camp.
  • (Video only) It takes a lot for me to subject you to Hawk and Stoney. But I got home from work on Friday to catch the last inning or so of the drubbing by the White Sox. Steve Stone was talking about the importance of every pitch and at-bat, even in these blowouts, for the young players who aren't well thought of prospects to get their chance to make an impression. And then John Andreoli, a Cub minor league outfielder who many have hung the dreaded "org guy" label on, slashed a home run. I thought it was a cool moment and you can see and listen to the exchange here.
  • As you may have heard, Javier Baez predicted his game-ending home run against Japan.
  • Josh Vitters is just happy to be playing again.


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