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Cub Tracks Hangs With The Cool

We all think we're cool. Len Kasper IS cool. Prospects are cool. Good investments are cool. Investments that don't pan out? Not cool.

Courtesy Len Kasper

The usual mix of good news and bad news. I can't wait for real games to start.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • After winning the Jorge Soler sweepstakes, the Cubs are investing in another Cuban player, though at lower stakes.
  • (Video, too) Speaking of Soler, he and fellow super prospect Javier Baez have gotten a taste of The Show.

From Cubs Den

  • If you want to hang with the cool, spend some time with Len Kasper.
  • This is just strange to me, though I appreciate the sentiment. Alfonso Soriano is speaking out against big free agent spending.
  • The Cubs Den resident prospect guru thinks the Cubs should strongly consider University of San Diego third baseman Kris Bryant with the second overall pick.



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