Wrigley Field Community Meeting - Tuesday night 3/26, 6:30pm

Below is the official announcement for this annual 'event'. I've been to the last few of these (as has BCB photog extraordinaire David Sameshima) and have found them to alternate between boring, amusing and predictable.

This year's meeting could have some fireworks in it, given recent goings-on with Wrigley Field rehab (insert own #committed joke here), rooftops, Ald. Tunney, and concert concerns, but it will probably also have the same handful of community folks who ask the same questions each year and get the same non-committal response each year.

At any rate, I plan to attend. I'll most likely be the one sitting in the back with an Indians cap, kibitzing away on Twitter...


Wrigley Field Community Meeting

Meeting Date:

Tuesday March 26, 2013

6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

19th District Chicago Police Station

850 West Addison Street

Per ordinance, the Wrigley Field Community Meetings will be held to report on, review, and address the past, present and potential activities concerning the Cubs' and the City's activities for neighborhood protection and improvement related to baseball games and any other events at Wrigley Field; to recommend possible changes and to obtain counsel on the expenditure of the CubFund.

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