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What's In A Cubs Nickname?

This first appeared here when it was winter, and there was no snow. Now that it's spring, and there is snow, let's try again.


When this ran originally, Al told me to run it again later in the spring. It's later, and it's spring, and there's another night game today. The rules are simple. Add a nickname to the list. Or debate the merits of one I've included. Be kind. That should do.

Albert Almora: Al Squared

Gioskar Amaya: Gioskar the Grouch (or anything that rolls like that).

Javier Baez: The Buzz, Javy, Money Badger

Darwin Barney: The Purple Evolutionist

Welington Castillo: Beeeeeeeeeeeef

Starlin Castro: (Apparently doesn't need one)

David DeJesus: DDJ, Kim's Husband

Pierce Johnson: Ouch, The Stud

Junior Lake: Senior Pond

Barret Loux: HC100 (Jason Brigham was traded for Loux Plus One, which is close to Haircut 100's only hit.)

Anthony Rizzo: Batso Rizzo, RizzOMG

Jeff Samardzija: Shark

Alfonso Soriano: Fonzie, Sori

Matt Szczur: Et Tu, Salad, Spellczech

Logan Watkins: Lo-Wat, Watty, Wolverine

Obviously, minor league players are in play. Have at it, and enjoy until the Cubs face the Royals Tuesday evening.