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Cub Tracks Is Not All About Me

Lots of news from Jeff Samardzija this week. Most notably, he says the clubhouse is now free of "me guys." Let your mind, and comments, run wild with that. Or if you prefer: Alfonso Soriano is indispensable, Scott Boras is a shrewd negotiator, Dioner Navarro is building value, and a kid cleans up the ocean.

Despite this look, it's not all about me.
Despite this look, it's not all about me.

One thing is pretty clear to me, one week before the season starts: Shark has become the voice of the franchise.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • (Video only) Dale Sveum says the Cub defense has been outstanding.
  • (Video only) Jeff Samardzija says he couldn't feel better.
  • Shark also can't wait for opening day. Speaking of, what odds would you have taken on opening day 2012 that Shark would start opening day this year?
  • Alfonso Soriano agrees with (just about) everyone. He thinks the Cubs need more night games.
  • The Cub roster has taken shape, but they are still looking for outside options.
  • (Video, too) Dale Sveum isn't worried about Carlos Marmol. He might be about the only one.

From Cubs Den


  • Dale Sveum is among the Cubs switching uniform numbers this season.
  • Alfonso Soriano knows the Cubs need a fast start.
  • The manager will be happy to write Starlin Castro's name into the line-up 162 times. I don't think that's the best idea. IMO, all players need a couple days off (or at least out of the starting line-up).
  • If you want multiple playoff contenders, the Cubs' division is full of them.
  • The Cubs will showcase loyal fans in their new ad campaign. You can see some of those ads on the video page.
  • In one of the more "no duh" headlines in a while, the Cubs are hoping for good things from Luis Valbuena.
  • Welington Castillo is keeping pitchers calm and confident by being upbeat.


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