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MLB Bullets Has Gone Hollywood

Final cuts are being made around baseball and every writer has one last chance to make their pre-season predictions. Adam Wainwright, Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean all got extensions. And I wonder which team is the most average in baseball.

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The good news is that by the time I write the next of these bullet stories on Sunday night, there will have actually have been one game played in the major league season and we'll all be getting ready for the Cubs first game of the season. But don't worry. Even if the silliness of the Hot Stove League and Spring Training is over, I'm sure I'll find a lot of silliness in the regular season. After all, the Mets are still in the league.

The Iowa Hawkeyes Men's basketball team is heading to Madison Square Garden! Hey, I'm a Cubs fan. I take pleasure in small victories.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. And the next day will be even better, since there will be real baseball on Sunday.