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Cub Tracks Marches On

Our first tracking of March has several articles on why the team is already thinking about July, why the future is bright as Cub prospects turn -- and try and take off -- heads, looking at college pitching prospects, and why some Cubs are hating on a hot dog.

Hot dog! We scored!
Hot dog! We scored!

I could write something witty here. Instead I'll just direct you down to the section so we can start talking about the Chicago dog controversy.

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From Cubs Den

  • When it comes to the Cubs' record, Theo wants to avoid the middle ground.
  • Cub notes, amateur and zygote edition: Some good notes on college arms, including a Nevada pitcher who is shooting up the draft boards and could be considered in the top five, why it's already looking less likely the Cubs will be able to grab one of Tim Huwe's (and Buster Olney's, presumably) favorites in the second round, a Jacksonville pitcher who could be an early round pick, and the Cubs best Dominican Summer League player is being noticed in part for walking four batters in nearly 75 innings. That's right. Four.
  • Prospect Junior Lake has classic boom or bust potential.
  • Mark Prior's comeback attempt is a haunting reminder for the Cubs.



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