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Happy Opening Day! Rangers vs. Astros Game Thread, Sunday 3/31, 7:05 CT



SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- We made it!

A long winter has been upon us since the last out was made in the 2012 World Series, last October 28. Cold. Snow. Wind. You don't need to be reminded any further.

The weather might not be summerlike in Chicago -- yet. But today, regular-season baseball is back!

You might ask why ESPN, and MLB, are starting the 2013 season with a game involving the worst team in baseball from 2012, instead of one with the World Series champion. Most likely, it's the historic nature of this game -- the first involving the Houston Astros as an American League team, after 52 seasons in the National League. The team has put together this nifty preview of the game, well worth checking out.

I figure most of you will be watching tonight, and might like a place to discuss the first game of the 2013 season. So, here it is. Discuss amongst yourselves.