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Cub Tracks Blames Others

No, I don't blame Carlos Villanueva for anything. He's stepping up as the Cubs' pitching plans immediately get put to the test. But in other links, we're rehashing who is to blame for the playoff series that shall not be named.

Jamie Squire

Congrats to Shark for getting the opening day start. I'm more than happy to say I was wrong about him as a starter.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • Anarchist's brunch: Not much in here, frankly, but he does list some players to root for.
  • Scott Baker and Matt Garza are both likely to start the season on the disabled list. When they come back, they may be competing to see who sticks around.



From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times

From the Daily Herald (account registry for all)

  • Well, Bruce has made it to Arizona. He wonders if the Cub bench will be more than a punch line this season.
  • Get ready to relive the Cubs' 2003 playoff nightmare. The networks are ready to rehash that painful memory. Side note on this. I don't blame Bartman, or AGon, or Dusty. I blame my friend and then roommate Dave. See, at the time of that infamous '03 playoff series, I was working the morning shift (1-10 a.m.) at a TV station in Orlando. So I was watching the game at home with my girlfriend since I would still need to steal some sleep before work. But with the Cubs up big and on their way to the World Series (or so we thought), Dave called me out to the bar to celebrate. By the time we got to the bar, trouble was brewing -- and you know the rest. So when those old wounds are torn off, just blame my friend Dave for the jinx.
  • Baseball Prospectus isn't just for nerds anymore. Now geek is chic in baseball.

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