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Cub Tracks Gets Its Work In

Some days during spring training, you're not worried about the result, just getting your work in. Today is one of those days.

Run, Brian, run.
Run, Brian, run.
Rob Tringali

The writers are already running low on ideas. As such, we are left to look at Brian Bogusevic.

No offense, Brian.

I've also noticed that whoever I choose for the photo usually does something newsworthy the following day or two. So look for the non-roster invitee to make a splash heading into the weekend.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den



From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times (you can read a paragraph, register to read the rest)

From the Daily Herald (registry required)

  • The bullpen should be stronger this year.
  • Carlos Marmol is the man, for now. And for better or worse.
  • The Cubs' new Low-A affiliate, the Kane County Cougars, have released their radio schedule. Tune in to hear some of the zygotes during their first year of full-season ball.

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