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MLB Bullets Thinks We're Living in Fin De Siècle Bronx

A few WBC notes for those who aren't sick of them already. People are starting to wonder if the Yankees are looking at a hard fall. The Phillies and the Nationals discover that they really don't like each other. And Carl Crawford won't be exchanging Valentines with the city of Boston.

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Jim McIsaac

Most of the baseball news over the past couple of days has been about the World Baseball Classic and I think I'm covering that pretty well elsewhere. I do have a couple WBC stories, but I'm trying to keep it focused on the other stuff, even though I'm not really paying any attention to spring training this year. I'm not really missing it.

  • Tom Verducci has a strong defense of the World Baseball Classic. noting how absolutely huge the tournament has become outside of the US. It's greatness, Verducci ironically stats, is that it's "un-American." He also notes that many of its US media critics have never actually watched a game.
  • Paul Konerko declined to play in the WBC. He likes the tournament just fine, but thinks it should be held in July.
  • On that last point, I want to go back to Verducci's article:
Can we at last please have a moratorium on suggestions of a better time of year to hold the WBC? Do you not think that MLB and the IBF have been studying this for more than seven years? Every other time period -- late March, All-Star break, November, etc. -- is fraught with more problems than what we have now.

It's important to remember that it's not just MLB that has to adjust its schedule. It's NPB, KBO, Serie Nacional, the Taiwanese league. Playing in March is not ideal, but every other time is worse.

The Iowa Women's basketball team beat Northwestern in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.