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MLB Bullets Is In First Place

It's Opening Day! Why are you bothering to read this? OK, the Astros are in first place and that's not an April Fool joke. Several ball players just got very, very rich, and some ask what that means. And the Marlins soap opera has been going on for 20 years now.

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Bob Levey

I got into the spirit of Opening Day this weekend by purchasing a box of eight packs of baseball cards at Target. Out of the eight packs, I got exactly one Cubs player. I'm not exactly complaining though since that player was Anthony Rizzo. It could have been Ian Stewart.

    This is the part where I'm supposed to tell an April Fool joke. Well, here goes. One of the stories I linked to above is a fake.
    And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster, because the Cubs will be 1-0 and in first place.