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MLB Bullets Is Afraid Of Confrontation

One prominent writer adds his voice to those wanting the end home-plate collisions. Jered Weaver is going to miss some time. Jason Motte may miss a lot more. MLB still hasn't gotten their cell phones and Carl Crawford wishes they all could be California teams.

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Justin K. Aller

I was just remembering back in 1989 when I would come home from work with no clue as to how the Cubs had done earlier that day. Since I wasn't willing to wait until the sports came on the six o'clock news, I would call this phone line that would give me the scores for free as long as I listened to an ad first. Even back then, ESPN only had the scores twice an hour.

Now I walk around with the live radio broadcast of every game in my pocket. If I wanted to pay extra, I could get every TV broadcast (as long as I'm not in a designated blackout area, of course).

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster. The Cubs will be back up to .500 by then.