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Jorge Soler Charges Clearwater Dugout With Bat

Daytona Cubs outfielder Jorge Soler was ejected after charging the Clearwater dugout with a bat in his hands. A suspension is looming.

Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs outfield prospect Jorge Soler was ejected from tonight's Daytona Cubs/Clearwater Threshers game after charging the Clearwater dugout with a bat.

The incident occurred with the bases loaded and one out in the seventh inning and Daytona leading 9-7. Soler was on first base when Stephen Bruno hit a ground ball to shortstop. Soler went into second base and got tangled up with Clearwater second baseman Carlos Alonso, who completed the throw to first base for the inning-ending double play. Soler was apparently stepped on by Alonso and words were exchanged. Both benches cleared. No punches were thrown, however.

When everyone returned to the dugout, Soler grabbed a bat and charged the Clearwater dugout and went after Clearwater with the bat. He had to be pulled away and back into the dugout by Javier Baez and Daytona hitting coach Mariano Duncan. I initially reported that he had hit the walls of the dugout with the bat. That's unclear at this time. He was apparently swinging it in that direction. (EDIT: Apparently he did not "swing" the bat. I did not mean to say he "took a swing" as one would swing at a baseball, but rather "brandished" it. What he did with the bat beyond charging with it is still unclear to me, I'm leaving the original for the record.)

Soler was obviously ejected and is looking at a lengthy suspension.

The game is in extra innings as I write this.

NOTE: I changed the title from "Attacks" to "Charges." Small difference, but I think it should be made.