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Jorge Soler Suspended Five Games; Cubs Back Outfield Prospect

The Florida Sate League suspended Daytona Cubs outfielder Jorge Soler for five games.


Daytona Cubs outfielder Jorge Soler was suspended for five games by the Florida State League brandishing a bat at the Clearwater Threshers dugout in last night's game. Team President Theo Epstein, while condemning Soler's behavior, says the team still believes in the Cuban outfielder and that he is a good person.

The fight was apparently the result of something said by a Thresher player about Soler's family.

We're finally getting the full story of what happened and it's not quite as bad as I thought it was last night. It still isn't good. What is clear is that Soler grabbed a bat and moved towards the Clearwater dugout while yelling at a player in a threatening manner and had to be restrained by his teammates and coaches.

Epstein described Soler as extremely remorseful over the incident.

So Soler is going to miss five games. We all hope this is the last we hear of this.