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Cub Tracks Reflects

Boston is on the minds' of the Cubs. Some reflections are personal and some lead to changes you can see. We can also reflect on Jackie's influence, roster Jenga, how to build a Cub Foundation, natural wonders, and robots.

Thanks, Jackie.
Thanks, Jackie.
Brian Kersey

I mentioned this in the recap from Tuesday's game, but I'm taking a silver lining approach to the team's near miss fortunes. The effort is there, the talent is still short. Fortunately, Cub Tracks is very talented to make up for it.

From Comcast SportsNet (as always, now, beware auto starting ad videos)

  • (Video only) Jed Hoyer talks about roster Jenga. Personally, I'm hoping the F.O. will start using the term for its entertainment value.
  • (Video also) In a new series, I think, Tony Andracki writes about The Foundation. The focus is on the Kane County Cougars, featuring several recent draftees. Click on the video to hear from Dan Vogelbach.
  • The attacks in Boston sent shockwaves through the Cub locker room. Theo Epstein was glad to hear from his brother, who had run the Boston Marathon.
  • The Cub brass is waiting for the renovations, payroll, and business plan to all align.
  • In a truly strange sighting, Carlos Zambrano strolled through Wrigley yesterday.

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