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Cubs Mesa Spring Complex Hotel Project On Hold

Recently, it was announced that a hotel would be constructed adjacent to the Cubs' new spring-training complex. But now, there's a catch.

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Al Yellon

Somewhere near the pictured location, just east of the main stadium of the Cubs' new spring-training complex under construction in Mesa, Arizona, there was supposed to be built a hotel, the first non-baseball building on the site.

Not so fast, and you might be surprised at the reason this hotel hasn't yet received Mesa City Council approval:

A hotel next to the new Chicago Cubs stadium is on hold until the full City Council can decide whether it’s willing to accept one without a bar.

The lack of drinking and dining amenities in the proposed Marriott Springhill Suites appeared to be the main stumbling block Monday as the council, with only four members on hand, hashed out the project.

The article states hat "only about 10 percent" of Springhill Suites properties have bars or restaurants, and that there are also a large number of bars and restaurants at Mesa Riverview, which is literally right across the street from the Cubs new complex. Another factor that could affect the decision is the Cubs' plans to develop Wrigleyville West. Chicago-style bars and restaurants are natural magnets for initial development. Further, the AZcentral article concludes:

The hotel deal also represents a change in the approach to developing Wrigleyville: Mesa has now agreed to take the lead on hotel projects, and the Cubs will oversee other development.

So it could still be a while before the entire concept, of a spring-training complex surrounded by "Wrigleyville West", is completed. In the meantime, construction continues on or ahead of schedule for the baseball complex itself; it's still targeted to be completed by December.