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Cub Tracks Is Wearing Thin

We as fans get frustrated watching our team bumble around. Imagine how Dale Sveum feels, having to watch knowing people are going to blame you. That will make your patience wear thin and get you worried about your future. Which Cubs will be a big part of the team's future?

This is not Dale Sveum, but it's probably how he feels.
This is not Dale Sveum, but it's probably how he feels.

While watching this team, I have to imagine Dale channeling former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach John McKay. When asked about his team's "execution", McKay reportedly responded "I'm all for it."

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From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)

From the Chicago Sun-Times (can read a paragraph, register to read the rest)

  • Gordo thinks Matt Garza could be the next "victim" of the free agent compensation process that left Kyle Lohse waiting out the process. Of course, Garza has a say in this. If the Cubs make a qualifying offer, he could just take it to rebuild value.
  • Sveum doesn't want Ian Stewart rushing back. I imagine many of you would correct that sentence by just dropping the last two words.
  • Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo might be drawing Dale's ire.

From the Daily Herald (registry required for all)

  • Dale Sveum says players are going to start losing jobs if they don't perform.
  • Sveum is putting the whole team on notice. Not sure how you bench an entire team, though part of me would like to see the comedy of the Cubs playing a man down.
  • The Cubs might need to make some deals to help the rebuild, since free agent classes are drying up.
  • Len Kaspar says Alfonso Soriano is setting a good example for the younger guys.

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