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Cubs vs. Marlins Preview, Sunday 4/28, 12:10 CT: Could It Be 4?

The Cubs haven't had a four-game sweep in almost two years. It could happen today.

Mike Ehrmann

As you know, the Cubs have played every game this season relatively close. After 23 games, no Cubs game has been what terms a "blowout" -- a game decided by five or more runs. According to Paul Sullivan, this is quite rare:

The Cubs now have started the season with 23 straight games decided by four or fewer runs, tied with the 1997 Giants for third most in major league history.

Unlike these Cubs, the 1997 Giants got off to a great start and were 16-7 after 23 games. Exactly how do the 23 Cubs games so far this year break down?

Games decided by one run: 4-6
Games decided by two runs: 3-2
Games decided by three runs: 1-4
Games decided by four runs: 1-2

None of those records is great, but the Cubs are clearly playing better now, having won three in a row and four of their last five. I want to particularly note the one-run game total; that's 10 of the first 23 games, or 43.5 percent. If you extrapolate from there, it would put the Cubs on pace to have 70 one-run games this year. The major-league record for one-run games in a season is 75, set by the 1971 Astros (who finished 79-83). The Cubs' team record is 66, set in 1974. That team went 30-36 in one-run games... and 36-60 in all other games, finishing with 96 defeats.

Believe it or not, the Cubs don't even lead the major leagues this year in one-run games; the White Sox already have 12 and the Diamondbacks 11.

Nevertheless, this team is keeping things close. If they can continue to get good bullpen work as they have the last couple of games, even a tiny bit of added offense could produce many more victories.

Here's something fun to watch, especially for those of you who are Tony Campana fans: he steals his way around the bases.

Well, this is a first. The Cubs' lineup was not available at posting time. I'll try to get it in the comments once it's released.

Marlins lineup:

Pierre LF, Coghlan CF, Stanton RF, Dobbs 1B, Solano 2B, Brantly C, Green SS, Valaika 3B, Nolasco P

Today's Starting Pitchers

Carlos Villanueva

Carlos Villanueva


vs. Ricky Nolasco

Ricky Nolasco


vs. Mia


vs. Cubs

2013 - Carlos Villanueva 1-0 4 4 0 0 0 0 29.1 16 5 5 4 6 21 1.53 .75

2013 - Ricky Nolasco 1-2 5 5 0 0 0 0 28.1 29 13 12 3 7 19 3.81 1.27

Carlos Villanueva's start this season is the most pleasant surprise, I'd say, of any start for any Chicago Cub. He seems to have stepped his game up to another level. Is it real? Or will he come back to Earth soon? One thing is for sure. This Marlins team is offensively-challenged and they have little combined experience against Villanueva (9-for-42, .214). That gives hope that Villanueva can continue his fine start. Which could get him traded... or extended.

Former Cubs prospect Ricky Nolasco is one of the few Marlins doing anything like "decent" so far this season. He faced the Cubs in Miami just a little over a year ago, April 19, 2012, and did all right in a Miami win. Dioner Navarro has had bizarrely good success against him: 7-for-10, two doubles, a home run; overall, current Cubs are hitting .297 (30-for-101) against Nolasco, who looks ... well, sort of evil in that photo.

Today's game is on CSN Chicago.

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