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MLB Bullets Never Said It Was Perfect

A perfect game by Yu Darvish got broken up with two outs in the ninth. Robinson Cano has changed agents. Ian Kinsler is likely on the move soon. There are always issues with Florida baseball and two of the biggest names in baseball end their dispute.

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Bob Levey

You all should be in a good mood this morning because the Chicago Cubs are all alone in first place. The magic number is down to 161.

The Iowa Hawkeyes Men's Basketball Team is going to the NIT Championship Game after beating Maryland, 71-60 in the semi-finals. They'll take on Baylor on Thursday. You can laugh at the "Not-Invited Tournament," but only three teams (there's that CBI thing) get to end the season on a win and the Hawkeyes have a chance to be one of them.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster, because at worst the Cubs will still be a .500 ballclub!