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MLB Bullets Is Not Defined By Its Mistakes

The baseball season is in full swing and we already have our first non-apology apology. The designated hitter rule turns 40, yet it still gets carded at the liquor store. Evan Longoria hurt James Shields's feelings with some dumb comments and Jose Bautista doesn't like umpires.

Scott Cunningham

We're 1/54th of the way through the season and the Cubs are still in first place. Around the league, the big story has been are the Nationals this good or are the Marlins this bad? Grant Brisbee over at Baseball Nation probably has the best answer to that question, but while many of us spent the off-season wondering how bad the Astros were going to be, they may not even be the worst team in the National League by the time the season is over. (UPDATE: I've just been told the Astros aren't in the National League anymore. When did that happen? Well, learn something new every day.)

The Iowa Hawkeyes lost the NIT Final to Baylor, 74-54. The dream is dead.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster, because Al will be back before then!