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Cubs vs. Brewers Preview, Monday 4/8, 1:20 CT

The Cubs open their 98th season at Wrigley Field Monday afternoon with a visit from their rivals up I-94.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

For the 98th consecutive season, the Chicago Cubs will begin play for another baseball season at the corner of Clark and Addison streets in Chicago. Hopefully, a deal for the renovation of Wrigley Field will be announced soon, so that Wrigley Field will host baseball for many decades to come.

From Tom Skilling's weather page in the dead-tree edition of the Tribune Monday (can't find an online link to these), here are a few weather facts about Cubs home openers, on a day when the game might get interrupted by rain:

In the 137 home openers since 1876, five have had temperatures in the 30s, 33 in the 40s, 42 in the 50s, 32 in the 60s, 17 in the 70s and eight in the 80s.

Warmest opener: April 22, 1960, 86 degrees (boxscore says 80 at game time)

Coldest opener: Skilling says it was April 8, 2003, 32 degrees, but six years earlier, April 8, 1997, the recorded boxscore temperature (and I recall that as accurate) says 29 degrees. The wind-chill that day was 1 degree -- I believe that's the coldest-ever game-time temperature for a baseball game in Chicago. There was no way to get warm that day.

That was also the last home opener that didn't sell out, drawing an announced crowd of 35,393. Today's might not be much larger than that, especially with rain in the forecast.

Finally, as I've mentioned, later this year the 50th anniversary of my first Wrigley Field game will occur. For BCB's resident cartoonist, Mike Bojanowski, it's his 50th season (he went for the first time in 1964). Here are his memories of that earlier time (click on the image to open a larger version in a new browser window or tab):

Lineups were not available at the time I wrote this post. Check the BCB Twitter feed for the lineups.

Today's Starting Pitchers

Edwin Jackson

Edwin Jackson


vs. Marco Estrada

Marco Estrada


vs. Mil


vs. Cubs

2013 - Edwin Jackson 0-1 1 1 0 0 0 0 5.0 3 2 2 0 1 5 3.60 .80

2013 - Marco Estrada 0-0 1 1 0 0 0 0 5.0 9 4 4 2 0 8 7.20 1.80

Edwin Jackson made two starts against the Brewers last year while with the Nats and dominated them -- 15 innings, one earned run, 10 strikeouts. However, current Brewers are hitting .296 against him (34-for-115) with six home runs. Fortunately, four of those homers are by players who are out (Corey Hart and Aramis Ramirez). So maybe we're not doomed in this game.

Marco Estrada got hit pretty hard in his first 2013 start, though he struck out eight with no walks. Against the Cubs in 2012, he made three starts and a relief appearance with a 1.00 ERA and 1.056 WHIP. Current Cubs are hitting .204 (11-for-54) against him, and the only HR off him by a sort-of-current Cub is by Ian Stewart, who's out. So, clearly, we are doomed.

Today's game is on WGN.

Here is the complete Mediacenter for today. Gameday game preview

SB Nation game preview

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