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Cub Tracks Needs To Believe In Superheroes

Watching the Cubs' struggles can make you long for science fiction. So inspired by Reed Johnson, Cub Tracks is hoping the team is actually run by superheroes. So we are keeping our eyes on Cub management, hoping to see spandex and capes.

I had no idea we would miss your offense.
I had no idea we would miss your offense.
Jonathan Daniel

Just a quick general request. Everyone needs to just exhale a bit about the team's slow start for two reasons.

One: We all knew (or should have known) the team would struggle overall, particularly on offense. So there really shouldn't be any surprises (not to mention, for all the Marmol angst, he cost the team one game). Two, it is really early. The team will probably stink all year, but let's at least wait two passes through the rotation to draw any major conclusions.

Moving on.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • (annoying auto-start video) Dale Sveum had a flashback when he saw what happened to Louisville guard Kevin Ware.
  • Tom Ricketts isn't sure when the (eventual) Wrigley renovation will allow the club to boost payroll.
  • (auto-start video) As a key to the on-field rebuild, Jeff Samardzija needs to finish what he starts.
  • Reed Johnson isn't sure they are superheroes, but he does think Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer will get things turned around.
  • Speaking of Hoyer, he sees the second pick in the June draft coming into focus.

From Cubs Den



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