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MLB Bullets Is Off To An Historic Start

The storm over the blown replay call continues to swirl, and major league baseball narrowly avoided another umpiring controversy. Andrelton Simmons and Matt Harvey could be two of the next generation of baseball superstars. And it looks like J.A. Happ is going to be all right.

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On days like today when the Cubs don't play, I get a chance to watch other teams play on Extra Innings. I often find myself choosing which game to watch based on how much I like their announcing team more than the actual players. Thus, I tend to watch the Giants, Twins, Mets, Orioles, Nationals and for the first time this year, Diamondbacks games.

Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz told his players that if they want to play night games, they better start winning more games.

And tomorrow will be a better day than today, Buster.