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Cub Tracks Looks Ahead

...because, when it comes to the Cubs' season, looking back is ugly. So instead, take a look ahead to the future pitching staff, future draft picks, future prospects, future lamentations, and future trade bait.

Patrick Smith

This space is available for advertisement. Seriously. I work here for free. So how about someone throw me a bone and make this "Cub Tracks brought to you by Bass Pro Shop"????

From Comcast SportsNet

  • The Cubs are taking some lessons from playing contenders. They're getting a look at championship DNA.
  • Nationals starter Dan Haren is in a better place after last fall's almost trade to the Cubs.

From Cubs Den

  • A look ahead at the Cubs' pitching staff. If it all works out, it could be enticing.
  • Here's a cool Q&A with beat writer Patrick Mooney. Topics include resources, trades, and the draft.
  • Draft mocks have the Cubs looking rather Gray.
  • Q&A with Kane County Cougars outfielder, and growing folk legend among Cub prospects, Bijan Redemacher.
  • This was a game preview, but it summarizes some of the early trade rumors. The buzzards are already circling the Cubs' corpse.



  • Is the Cubs' search for starting pitching over?
  • The Cubs need to start turning hits into runs. Incidentally, this is why on-base percentage is so important. More people on base when you do get hits equals more runs.
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From the Chicago Sun-Times (can read a paragraph, register to read the rest)

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