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Cub Tracks Feels Secure

Anthony Rizzo is now set for life and the Cubs have their first baseman locked in for the foreseeable future. What else can you see in the Cubs' future? The team is seeing much better things after a string of well-played games. And if you squint just right through your Cubbie colored glasses, you can even dream big.

He can afford the shirt off his back.
He can afford the shirt off his back.
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Today's links in a song lyric: It's all about the money, money, money.

Lots to discuss today, so let's get chatty.

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  • Dioner Navarro was among the players inspired by pink bats.


  • Anthony Rizzo and the Cubs can now both feel secure.
  • The question that pretty much won't go away. Is Jeff Samardzija the next for a new deal?
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  • What would Len Kasper do if he were commissioner? So who is going to start manufacturing the WWLKDIHWC bracelets?

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