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Cubs Launch Wrigley Restoration Website

The Cubs now have a website -- separate from, but associated with, -- for information about the Wrigley Field renovation project.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

In another step to get public support behind their plans to renovate and restore Wrigley Field, the Cubs Tuesday launched, a site dedicated to the restoration project.

Most of what you see there, you've seen here and in other places before. There are links to renderings -- one of them is reproduced at the top of this post -- and sections for various things the Cubs want to promote, including Fan Amenities, Winning Baseball, Job Creation, Community Support and Responsible Restoration. We've discussed all of these topics and more in the various posts here at BCB while the process of getting the Cubs' requests approved is in progress.

One interesting note: at the top right of the main page, they want you to "sign a petition" saying that you "support the restoration of Wrigley Field because it’s a win for the Chicago economy, the Lakeview community, Cubs fans and the team." I'm not sure who you're supposed to be petitioning here, but below the place where you insert your email address, it says: "By submitting, you may receive emails with updates and event information." So it looks like they're just trying to make an email database.

As I said, there isn't much new here, other than it puts all the Cubs' information on the restoration process in one place. You can also, of course, follow it here, as I'll post any and all updates right here in this StoryStream.