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May Cub Tracks Be With You

The geographically closest Cubs affiliate will be hosting a Star Wars night. So as the calendar flips to May, we can take a Yoda-like look at the Cubs. Pitching poorly so far, Edwin Jackson is. Kevin Gregg calms the bullpen... yes... hmmm. Talking about Wrigley Field renovations, everyone is. And tired of finishing second, Theo Epstein is. Read more in Cub Tracks, you can.

The force is strong with the Padres not.
The force is strong with the Padres not.
Christian Petersen

I want to get some thoughts from the masses. Do you want the Sunday edition of Cub Tracks to stick around? It hasn't been getting much traffic with the Saturday game review and early posting time of the Sunday game preview.

Just curious because I want to spend my time and efforts wisely.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • In the second part of a series, Cubs Den looks at players as building blocks or trading blocks. This installment looks at cost-controlled players. They are: Darwin Barney, James Russell, and Travis Wood. Let the debates begin.



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