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Cub Tracks Taps That

Potential, people. Potential. Get your mind out of the gutter. Dale Sveum has his mind on getting Starlin Castro to finally tap his full potential. What else do the Cubs have the potential to do? I'm not totally sure, but it definitely starts with pitching.

Starlin taps that.
Starlin taps that.

Speaking of pitching, while this isn't exactly the old Baltimore Orioles four aces, but stop and think about how transformed the Cub pitching staff has become. We went from almost no pitching, to having legitimate excess in an awfully short period of time.

Which is why I will now advocate for trading Scott Feldman. There's something about him that screams to me "sell high". That feeling is buoyed by confidence in Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer to find more middle (to back) of the rotation starters. In just two offseasons, they acquired Travis Wood for a bullpen luxury item, and signed Paul Maholm, Feldman, and Carlos Villanueva. Scott Baker's injuries have surely been disappointing, but he could still work out. Even if he doesn't, that's an awfully high success rate.

So count me in for trading Feldman, who Buster Olney says (Insider only) just might be the top pitcher available at the trade deadline (unless teammate Matt Garza proves healthy). I've got confidence that Theo will find a guy(s) to fill those shoes next offseason.

From Comcast SportsNet

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