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Shawn Camp On DL; Rafael Dolis Recalled

The 37-year-old reliever won't pitch for at least 15 days; he's on the disabled list.

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If you've been wondering why Shawn Camp's performance this season has been so poor -- including his game-losing stint Tuesday night -- here's a possible answer:

But wait, there's more!

So if this is a recurring thing, why hasn't it been looked at before now? In any case, for the next 15 days, at least, Camp can't hurt the Cubs. (This also raises the question, why not simply keep Michael Bowden and DL Camp Tuesday?)

Rafael Dolis has been piling up frequent-flyer miles between Des Moines and Chicago all year; this will be his third stint with the club. His previous two stints have resulted in two appearances covering 1⅔ innings and eight batters faced; he's allowed two hits and two unearned runs. Dolis might stick if he could ever command his fastball.