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Cub Tracks Doubles Up

Let's go with Garza again. As the Cubs continue to tread water (on the good days), most eyes are turning to what to do with Matt Garza. You talked about it yesterday. Spill that into this thread like the fight scene from Blazing Saddles.

What strain on the arm?
What strain on the arm?
Justin K. Aller

I'm constantly surprised how little the media can come up with to talk about.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den


  • Developing Josh Vitters is a priority. Ian Stewart? Not so much.


From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)
  • Starlin Castro is looking forward to having family in town.
  • From the school of misleading headlines, Luis Valbuena is trying to "fend off" Josh Vitters for the third base job. My guess? LV doesn't wake up in a cold sweat, wondering how he can keep Vitters from taking his job.
  • Could Red Sock (I'm running with it) Jacoby Ellsbury be on the Cubs radar?

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • Kevin Gregg has solidified the closer's role. He also likes the team's make-up. I still can't believe Gregg is part of this column.

From the Daily Herald

  • The team's offensive approach is still off base. That's an OBP pun, people.

Today's food for thought