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Pirates 4, Cubs 2: A Loss In Haiku

It's time for the 2013 Alternative Recaps to make their season debut.

Justin K. Aller

Nice day in Pittsburgh
Cubs and Pirates, a day game
Could it be a win?

Jackson on the mound
Cubs starter has not done well
New game, same old Ed

First inning, three hits
One run, then another, scores
New game, same old Cubs

Len and JD bored
Spent much time talking about
Hockey. Who wouldn't?

Again, Cubs can't hit
A Soriano single
No no-hit streak lives

Jeanmar Gomez. Who?
A former Cleveland pitcher
Now mowing down Cubs.

Look! Some Cubs get hits!
DeJesus, Castro on base
A run scores. Hooray!

Nice day no longer
Dark skies, rain hit PNC
The game is delayed

Two hours of rain
Now the teams resume baseball
With new men pitching

Scott Hairston pinch-hit
And got an actual hit!
It's a miracle.

Enters in the fifth inning
Where was he Tuesday?

Starlin Castro takes
An unnecessary chance
Could be hurt. Not good.

Castro is all right
He is still in the ballgame
Big sigh of relief

Jose Contreras
Is in. Says he's 41.
Do you believe that?

Throws two competent innings
Take careful notes, Dale.

Castillo walked. Yes.
I did not invent that fact.
And he also scored!

Thus another loss
The bullpen did good work, though
Five scoreless innings

The Reds are up next
Not any easier task
Feldman - Arroyo

With a big tip o'the BCB cap to Chicago Sports in Haiku.