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Cub Tracks Gets Impatient

Cue Guns 'N Roses. Theo Epstein is getting impatient with the offense (uh, Theo, so is everyone else). Many of us are getting impatient for the draft. Many fans are getting impatient with the manager. And I'll be impatient with you if you don't get into this article and vote in the very first Cub Tracks Poll Question!

David Sameshima

The poll question jumps off of one of today's links, while also rolling interests and a bubbling BCB sentiment all into one delicious concoction. I thought about adding an "it depends" answer since that may be the first reflex for many of you (e.g., yes if it is Guy A, no if it is Guy B), but it is my poll question: so pick a side!

And let's beat those dirty, filthy Pale Hose this week. Prepare to watch a game or two on mute with the other team's broadcasters soiling the airwaves.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • Jeff Samardzija loves being part of the Crosstown Rivalry.
  • Matt Garza didn't think much of Cincinnati Reds' pitcher Johnny Cueto sailing a pitch over the head of David DeJesus. In Matt's words, Cueto needs to "grow the hell up".
  • Speaking of the team from the Queen City, the Reds have built the foundation the Cubs are looking for.
  • The team says it's not the contract. Anthony Rizzo puts pressure on himself for other reasons.
  • Is the Cubs' draft debate down to the two pitchers?
  • Meanwhile, last year's number one pick is off to a torrid start. So head to Geneva to get a look at Albert Almora.

From Cubs Den


  • We're close enough to the draft that Dale Sveum is weighing in.
  • Starlin Castro is confident he will find his swing. My two cents: we're getting to the "he is what we thought he is" point.


From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)
  • The Trib's annual, and pointless, exercise in naming the "All-City" team is back. I'm not sure there's a contender there if you put the two rosters together, but at least we'd be getting closer. It would sure be nice to have Chris Sale on the north side.
  • And the exercise continues in a slightly more interesting way, comparing the prospects of the two clubs. Hey! We're winning! (Truth be told: I didn't read this article. But if it came to any other conclusion, the last shred of Trib credibility can be officially rescinded.)
  • Dale Sveum is watching video of 4 prospects for the first pick in the draft.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

From the Daily Herald

Today's food for thought

  • CNN does many stupid things. But I thought this was touching. They posted 100 faces in 100 hours in honor of yesterday's Memorial Day holiday.