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Kyuji Fujikawa Having Tommy John Surgery

It's bad news for the Cubs reliever who came over with high hopes from Japan.

Joe Robbins

This wasn't what the Cubs had in mind when they signed Kyuji Fujikawa, one of the best closers in Japan, to a two-year contract:

Tommy John surgery, as you likely know, has a recovery time of 12-18 months, depending on the player, his age and other factors. Fujikawa is 32, so he could still recover and be productive in the major leagues, but this likely takes him out of the Cubs' equation not only for this year, but probably for all of 2014 as well.

I'd expect that Fujikawa will be placed on the 60-day disabled list in order to open up another spot for a future acquisition. In the meantime, since he was already on the 15-day disabled list, this doesn't change anything on the current active roster.

It's really too bad, as Fujikawa came over from NPB with impressive credentials and it appeared as if the Cubs hoped he would be their closer next year, if not sooner. Instead, the parade of Cubs pitchers heading to Tommy John surgery continues.