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Cub Tracks Is In To Modeling

This edition is all about what the Cubs could be. Unfortunately, that means looking to a familiar foe for inspiration. So dive right in and see how the Cubs should be emulating the Cardinals.

Are we red with envy?
Are we red with envy?
Jonathan Daniel

Plenty to talk about today on an off day. Pick your talking points.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • A look back at Kerry Wood's 20-K game, fifteen years later. Yep. Fif-teen. His 20-K game is almost old enough to drive.
  • The delayed third installment of trading pieces or building blocks. The answer is the former (ASAP), as we look at veterans David DeJesus, Alfonso Soriano, and Carlos Marmol.



From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)
  • The brother of a woman who died at Wrigley Field on Sunday is grieving.
  • The Cubs haven't beaten the St. Louis Cardinals in a series that mattered in ten years.
  • Jed Hoyer thinks the team and its fans need to ride the ebb and flow of the season to avoid the highs and lows.

From the Chicago Sun-Times (can read a paragraph, register to read the rest)

From the Daily Herald (registry required for all)

  • The Cardinals are the model of consistency that the Cubs, well, want to model.
  • Tom Ricketts says rebuilding Wrigley Field is the priority.

Today's food for thought