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Kane County Cougars vs. Cedar Rapids Kernels Game Thread

The Cubs' affiliate in the Midwest League is playing the Twins' affiliate... and the game is being televised.

Sue Skowronski

This will be a treat for some of you -- anyone who has access to FSN North. That's the RSN that's centered around the Minneapolis area; it's available there and in much of Minnesota and North and South Dakota, as well as portions of Iowa and Wisconsin, and for people who have Dish Network or DirecTV. Here's the FSN North channel finder.

The reason this thread is here is that FSN North is carrying the game between the Kane County Cougars and Cedar Rapids Kernels today, Monday, June 10, at noon CT.

So if you can watch this game and can post play-by-play, here's the place, while we wait for the Cubs/Reds game at Wrigley Field tonight.

If you are in the Chicago area, you can listen to this game on WBIG radio 1280; the audio is also available on the Cougars website; there are about three easy links after clicking there, as you have to click on "Audio" (which isn't available until nearly gametime), select the broadcast option, and wait for it to connect. The steps at game time take maybe ten seconds, but they can't be done beforehand, so I can't post a direct link here. The Cougars audio usually starts 15 minutes before the game.

Pierce Johnson will start for the Cougars. Enjoy the game!