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Cub Tracks Mania

The Cubs need some buzz. Dodger Yasiel Puig is creating a mania. Or a fever. Whatever. The Cubs need some attention. Do your part and come click on our links.

Will we get the fever?
Will we get the fever?
Stephen Dunn

My wife will be at the game today with a work group. So put on a good show, Cubbies.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • The Cubs are hoping super prospect Javier Baez can create a buzz for the team similar to the Puig-mania the Los Angeles Dodgers are experiencing with Yasiel Puig.
  • The trade deadline picture is coming into focus for Matt Garza.
  • Theo Epstein is not taking sides in the Stanley Cup Finals between the Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. At least not publicly.
  • Starlin Castro is trying to tune out the noise to fight his way out of a slump.
  • Cincinnati Reds' manager Dusty Baker says the spat between Matt Garza and Johnny Cueto is over.

From Cubs Den



From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • David DeJesus had a chat with Johnny Cueto and says the incident is over.
  • Starlin Castro's struggles seem to coincide with Dale Sveum mentioning a possible demotion.
  • Numbers show why Castro is struggling.
  • By the way, Sun Times. You know you can update the internet at any given time, right? It's 7:30 p.m. Wednesday as I write this... and there's no game recap, or any other new content for that matter, up yet? Really?

From the Daily Herald

Bonus From Fangraphs

  • Fangraphs issues an apology to Luis Valbuena and Dioner Navarro. Bonus points to the other for using the phrase "three-donger".

Today's food for thought

  • Tuesday's Cub Tracks revealed you want more cute animal videos. So here is YouTube's top 10 on the subject.