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Cub Tracks Shakes Its Head

Sometimes, all you can do is shake your head and sigh. Watching Carlos Marmol "pitch" can have that effect. Of course, so can reading posts on BCB.

Jason Szenes

We all want the Cubs to get better. The rest of this year's going to suck. Let's all learn to cope.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den



  • Scott Feldman's strong season could force the team into some decisions.
  • Edwin Jackson is worried about Tampa Bay pitcher Alex Cobb.
From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • The seemingly inevitable trades could leave the starting rotation as vulnerable as the bullpen.
  • For example, the team could get some more pitching prospects by dealing Kevin Gregg and Scott Feldman.

From the Daily Herald

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