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Blackhawks Or Cubs?

The Blackhawks and Cubs will be on TV at the same time Wednesday night. What will you do?

Harry How

Here's a topic we can all agree on. (Hopefully!)

I can't claim to know as much about hockey as I do about baseball, but I am a Blackhawks fan, and of course, excited to see them in the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in four seasons. They really do need to win Game 4 tonight to avoid putting them in a position to win three straight elimination games for the second time this year.

Faceoff for tonight's game will be at almost exactly the same time as the first pitch in the Cubs/Cardinals game -- about 7:15 or so CT.

So I pose the question to you... what sport or sports will you watch on TV tonight? Presumably, people here are bigger Cubs fans than Blackhawks fans. On the other hand, a Stanley Cup Final game is much more important than game 70 of a non-competitive Cubs season.

Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments.