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Cub Tracks Talks Hockey?

I can't help it. All the writers want to ask the Cubs about the Blackhawks. So should we just be asking "what kind of hockey do you play?"

Time to dethrone the Kings.
Time to dethrone the Kings.

Let's talk hockey and draft picks. And maybe a little baseball, if that's your game.

From Comcast SportsNet

  • The Cubs want to one day own the city the way the Blackhawks do right now. Should we tell any of them that the Chicago Bears actually own the city? Not advocating, just sayin'.
  • There are more closer questions for the Cubs, thanks to the injury to Kyuji Fujikawa.
  • There are Cub employees on this list of the 25 most influential figures in Chicago baseball.
  • Prospect Albert Almora is already having a stabilizing influence on the organization. One concern about Almora: he thought a 60 degree day in the Chicagoland area was "cold".

From Cubs Den



From the Chicago Tribune (register to see almost anything but videos)
  • University of North Carolina third baseman Colin Moran could have a big impact on the Cubs, even without suiting up for the North Siders.
  • Less drama meant more fun in the crosstown classic.
  • Cub pitchers keep hitting. They are clearly inspired by Al's blasphemy.
  • Matt Garza thinks the winning ways will continue if the club just plays loose. At this point, I assume Garza is lurking behind every corner with a shaving cream towel.

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • "Winning" the abomination trophy for the crosstown classic wasn't very satisfying for the Cubs.
  • Carlos Marmol's role is slowly growing, but he wants more. My vote? Give him the 8th for June and let him sink or swim in the 2% chance the team can get something for him.
  • Does criticizing Starlin Castro's lack of OBP overlook his greatest gift?
  • The roots of the Cubs' run of better play pre-dates the White Sox.

From the Daily Herald

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