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3 Cubs In Baseball Prospectus' Top 50 Prospects

Baseball Prospectus has released its midseason Top 50 Prospect list. You won't be surprised by the names of the three Cubs on it.

Sue Skowronski

Baseball Prospectus has released its midseason Top 50 Prospects list and the top three Cubs prospects continue to enjoy prominent spots on the list. (NOTE: This was going to be posted earlier today, but the Carlos Marmol news kind of overwhelmed it.)

It's behind a paywall, so I'll end the suspense: Albert Almora checks in at No. 15, Javier Baez at No. 17 and Jorge Soler at No. 31.

Here's what BP says about all three of them.

Almora: "Almora is a legit five-tool talent who comes with an incredible feel for the game; has top tier potential."

Baez: "has the offensive upside to become of the top prospects in the game; high risk and chance for regression at Double-A level."

Soler: "Soler’s power is legit, and as he matures at the plate, he will continue to tap into the tool in game action; lacks elite upside, but could jump up the list if the power plays. People love power."

All three of these prospects moved up from BP's pre-season ranking, which had Almora at No. 18, Baez at No. 20 and Soler at No. 36. Personally -- and we all have different ways of viewing every player we see -- I think that Almora has the highest upside of any of these three, and BP seems to agree with its "top tier potential" comment.

I'm sure you'll have comments too, so have at it.