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Carlos Marmol DFA'd; Brian Bogusevic Joins Cubs

The longest-tenured Cub -- around since June 4, 2006 -- is no longer a member of the team

Brian Kersey

Those of us who have wished, dreamed, hoped that Carlos Marmol had pitched his last game in a Cubs uniform have apparently gotten our wish:

This means the Cubs have 10 days to either waive Marmol, trade him or release him. It's possible he might be traded; as we have all noted, he appears to pitch reasonably well when in low-leverage situations. A team like the Tigers might actually be able to slot him in. Let's hope Theo and Jed can put together a deal that will bring even a low-level prospect.

The Cubs will replace Marmol with a position player:

Brian Bogusevic is hitting .319/.418/.512 with 10 home runs and 32 RBI in 260 at-bats for Triple-A Iowa. He gives the Cubs yet another lefthanded-hitting outfielder, which might lead to some speculation that another outfielder could be traded. We'll see.

Bogusevic and Marmol have one other connection. In Houston on August 16, 2011, Bogusevic hit a walkoff grand slam off Marmol for the Astros, in one of Marmol's most spectacular blown saves.

Well, there it is -- Marmol gone, and your roster move for the day. Vote in the poll, and have at it in the comments.