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Cub Tracks Trumps The Blackhawks

While so many Cub fans bask in the celebration for the Blackhawks, thoughts have to drift to a Cubs' World Series party. How big would that be? Dale Sveum has an idea. My thought? Just shut down the city. But it's not time for you to shut down. It's time for you to click on Cub Tracks.

This one's my favorite shot.
This one's my favorite shot.
Harry How

Can we all just agree to more or less agree to ignore the product on the field while we focus on Stanley celebrations and trade rumors? Yes? Then you'll like this column.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den

  • The Cubs are hoping to follow in the Blackhawks' footsteps. You may have noticed that the core of the champs was home grown.



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From the Chicago Sun-Times

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