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Milton Bradley Convicted; Faces 7 Years In Prison

The former big-league outfielder is now convicted of several felonies.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The sad saga of former Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley has resulted in a conviction for spousal battery:

Former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley was convicted Monday on nine counts of physically attacking and threatening his estranged wife, prosecutors said.

Bradley, who played during parts of two turbulent seasons with the Dodgers, was found guilty of four counts of spousal battery, two counts of criminal threats, one count of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism and one count of brandishing a deadly weapon, the Los Angeles city attorney's office said.

Bradley, 34, was immediately taken into custody, and bail was set at $25O,OOO.

I post this neither to gloat nor say "I told you so," but in sadness that a man who had everything going for him -- athletic talent, tens of millions of dollars, the possibility of being a sports hero in several different cities -- couldn't handle it, for whatever reason, and, as the Los Angeles Times article above indicates, committed several crimes. The article indicates he'll be sentenced next month and could face up to seven years in prison.

I wish Bradley could have gotten the assistance he so clearly needed, evident even when he was a member of the Cubs, to help rid him of whatever angered him so much; he could have had a longer baseball career and productive life.

Instead, he's going to spend a significant time in prison.

It's just sad.