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Mocking The Draft. Who Will The Cubs Take?

The Draft is almost here, and here's a quick summary of several mock drafts and their predictions for the Cubs.

Mark Appel
Mark Appel
Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

With tomorrow's draft almost here, we considered writing up our own mock draft to get you ready, but we decided 1) Most of you only care about the first two picks and 2) after about pick twelve or so, we'd just be throwing darts at the wall blindfolded.

So what I've done here is a list of links to other mock drafts, along with whom the draft has the Cubs taking. Some of these mock drafts are recent and some are a week old or so. They may not take into consideration Jonathan Gray's positive test for Adderall. (Although pretty much no expert thinks that it will have a significant impact on Gray's draft status and some think it could cause the Astros to take him with the first pick on the theory that he'll accept a smaller bonus now.)

Obviously, the Cubs choice depends on whom the Astros pick, and there is a lot more variance in what people think the Astros are going to do. But everyone thinks the Cubs have two players in mind.

Some of these links are behind pay walls, but most of them are free.

Also, a hat tip to Marc Normandin at for pointing me in the direction of some of these links.

With the second pick in the draft, the Cubs take?

It's not a mock draft from CBS Sports, but they say that if the Astros don't take Mark Appel, the Cubs surely will.

So that's eight votes for Appel, four for Gray and zero for Kris Bryant and everyone else. Some have said it's not impossible the Cubs take Bryant. No one has suggested Colin Moran or Kohl Stewart are at all a possibility.