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2013 MLB Draft, Saturday: Rounds 11-40

Saturday concludes this year's draft. Use this thread for all the discussion of the lower rounds.


The MLB draft concludes today. As sleep is more of an issue today than the last two days, I may miss out on much of today's proceedings. Or, I might be up the whole time.

Friday's selections, rounds 3 through 10:

Jacob Hanneman, CF, BYU
Tyler Skulina, RHP, Kent State
Trey Masek, RHP, Texas Tech
Scott Frazier, RHP, Pepperdine
David Garner, RHP, Michigan State
Sam Wilson, LHP, Lamar CC
Charcer Burke, CF, H.S. (Texas)
Zach Godley, RHP, Tennessee

What should be expected from the final 30 rounds? Since any bonus over $100,000 gets added to the bonus pools. In other words, if the Cubs sign a player for $125,000, the last $25,000 is added to the bonus pool kitty. Since many prep selections are looking at scholarship opportunities at quality colleges or universities, the $100,000 limit is a strong hindrance to getting quick-moving high school players come Saturday. It can be done, but college veterans will be more likely to be selected on the final day.

Which means, much of Saturday will be smaller college players. Some of them will be Friday starters (aces) from schools you couldn't locate without the aid of Mapquest, and some may be relievers or sixth- or seventh-place hitters from college tourney schools. Toss in a catcher or three, a hitterish utility guy, and a couple Saturday night guys from power conferences, and you'll be close to a team. Pluck a couple of guys at previously unselected positions, and the race to Mesa begins.

The job of a baseball scout is to watch ballgames. Some might be Atlantic Coast Conference games. Some might be high school games. Some might be from a community college or Division 3 school within 50 miles of your house. That you've never heard of. I've been paying attention to the draft the last few years, and here are a few names from the after-the-10th round segment of the drafts over the last few years. For kicks, I've included their schools. Ten BCB points if you know the locations without looking.


Bijan Rademacher (Orange Coast College)

David Bote (Neosho County CC)

Tim Saunders (Marietta College)

Ben Carhart (Stetson University)


John Andreoli (Connecticut) (You might know where that is)

Michael Jensen (Hartnell JC)

Rock Shoulders (State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota)

Sheldon McDonald (British Columbia)

Ian Dickson (Lafayette College)

P. J. Francescon (Trevecca Nazarene)

Dustin Geiger (Merritt Island HS)


Greg Rohan (Kent State)

Justin Bour (George Mason)

Trey McNutt (Shelton State CC)

Nick Struck (Mount Hood CC)

The stars will be the ones that get asked about routinely, which is fine. However, a farm system is made up of many pieces, some of whom will never reap headlines except on draft day.

Enjoy the last day of the draft, knowing these guys will often give their level best, and sometimes outplay more well-regarded players on the way.