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Carlos Marmol About To Be Traded (No, I Am Not Making This Up)

It appears Theo & Co. are going to get something of value in return for Carlos Marmol in a trade. Awesome.


SAN FRANCISCO -- Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago has the scoop:

The Chicago Cubs are closing in on a trade that would send Carlos Marmol to the Los Angeles Dodgers, according to two sources.

Marmol was designated for assignment on June 25, giving the Cubs a 1O-day period to trade him or give him his unconditional release. He has a limited no-trade clause with six teams he could block, including the Dodgers.

It's unknown which player or players the Dodgers would send to Chicago.

To which I say, does it matter which player or players the Dodgers would send? Just the fact that there is an actual trade in the works where the Cubs would get anything back would be a triumph for Theo & Co. It's probably something along the lines of the Tony Campana deal, where the Cubs got back a couple of 17-year-old kid pitchers; if either one of those guys turns into anything, it's a win for the Cubs.

I'm assuming -- though I have nothing other than my own speculation to say this -- that the Cubs would be eating all of Marmol's remaining contract, a little less than $5 million. But to get something in return, anything? Awesome. Nice work, Theo & Co., presuming this turns out to be true.